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 Utm Utx 5.56x45 Marking Cartridges - Red - 900 Rnd Case | 01- 0971 + Hover to Zoom


UTM UTX 5.56x45 Marking Cartridges - Red - 900 Rnd Case | 01-0971

Item # 01-0971-C

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UTM UTX 5.56x45 Marking Cartridges - Red | 01-0971


- Accurate and reliable marking projectile for Force-on-Force or Force-on-Target training.
- Adds realism and stress to training by providing a threat of consequence with physical and visual stimulus.
- Use of Force/ROE, Tactics, Skill Building, Scenarios, Movement Drills and other Interactive Training.
- Accuracy and reliability allows for multiple firearms, CQB, and marksmanship applications. (360° firing, movement drills, weapon transitions)


- Normal weapon function and recoil. - Projectiles mark at any angle to include `glancing hits` and do not have to burst to mark.
- Realistic and consistent cyclic rates in semiautomatic and automatic weapons, which match `Live` fire.
- Surpasses `Live Fire` reliabilty
- Minimal environmental impact - low emission and available in non-toxic options only.



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