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Flashlights - Tactical Flashlights, Duty Flashlights, and Utility Lights
Barney's stocks a full assortment of Streamlight and Nightstick products for your convenience! Checkout Streamlight's interactive website to learn how Streamlight's tactical lights function and see an example of how they would look in a dark environment here:

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              Barney's Police Supplies has been in business over 20 years and one of the most important tools we know that can make an incredible difference is a quality, durable, and bright flashlight. Never be caught off guard in the dark with a tactical light handy such as the Stinger or ProTac from Streamlight or a TAC-560XL Xtreme Lumens Tactical Flashlight by Nightstick. Features of some of the flashlights we carry are waterproofing up to IPX7, impact resistance, and strobe functions for signaling. Using advanced LED technology, several models of Streamlight and Nightstick flashlights reach light levels up to 2,200 lumens with various gradations of luminosity and multiple operating modes available. Please contact us if you have any questions about some of the advanced flashlights on our site.