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Strike Industries Tactical Sling Catch | SI-SLING-CATCH


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Strike Industries Tactical Sling Catch | SI-SLING-CATCH


The Tactical Sling Catch has been designed with the input of Special Force Group operators to eliminate a problem that nearly ALL weapon slings share. This is the chaffing of the neck from the webbing material use in their construction. While some maybe less abrasive than others, such as tubular webbing and softer material than thicker canvas materials, all will cause irritation and chaffing over a short period of time. This known issue is magnified when wearing any sort of body armor or outer tactical vest (OTV).

The Tactical Sling Catch addresses the issue by keeping the webbing material away from the operators neck. It is attached and secured to the shoulder pad/strap of the vest by means of a heavy duty Velcro strap. The low profile design allows quick don and doff of the weapon sling while being virtually snag free when moving through heavy brush.


- Eliminates chafing by preventing contact of sling with neck
- Faster weapon readying due to reduced sling friction
- Low profile design will not catch on foliage
- Velcro mount attaches to shoulder strap




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