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 Simunition 5.56mm M4/M16 Family Rifle/Carbine Conversion Kit | 5308990 + Hover to Zoom


Simunition 5.56MM M4/M16 Family Rifle/Carbine Conversion Kit | 5308990

Item # 5308990

Law Enforcement Only: This product can only be sold to Law Enforcement or other Qualifying Agencies.

Agency Purchasers: Please contact us via phone or E-mail BEFORE placing your order online. 337-896-3667

For personal LE purchases, please submit a copy of your commission card or other proof of LE status and Driver's License to sales@mycopshop.com


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Simunition 5.56MM M4/M16 Family Rifle/Carbine Conversion Kit | 5308990

Intended only for supervised training conducted in accordance with Simunition® safety training protocols by Law Enforcement, Military and Simunition® approved Commercial Range Programs. If your organization is qualified with Simunition in Louisiana or Mississippi to purchase Simunition products, please contact us at 337-896-3667 to submit proper paperwork.
*All other orders will be canceled*


The safe use of Simunition 5.56mm reduced energy Cartridges in the M16/M4 and C7/C8 weapons requires the installation of a Simunition conversion bolt & bolt carrier assembly. Proper installation of the bolt/bolt carrier assembly is required to help preclude the inadvertent chambering and firing of live, lethal operational ammunition and ensure the proper operation and cycling of the weapon.

For safety reasons, Simunition conversion bolt & bolt carrier assemblies are manufactured from the same quality materials as the original service components they replace, but are visually different to help distinguish them from operational bolt & bolt carrier assemblies.


- Simunition Bolt & Bolt Carrier Assembly
- Simunition Cleaning Wire Kit
-Blue Barrel Indicator



Simuntion Disclaimer - Please Read

Buyer MUST be purchasing on behalf of a LAw Enforcement Agency in Louisiana or Mississipi, or on behalf of a Simunition CRP approved organization. Buyer MUST provide proof of eligibility of purchase along with valid contact information. ALL OTHER ORDERS WILL BE CANCELLED.



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