Range Info

Range Memberships


Gold Membership: $325

- Receive 10% discount on purchases of ammunition and selected range products.
- No range fees for member.
- Ability to reserve a lane. (Will hold for 15 minutes past time. Some blackout times may apply.)
- Guest charged at half the current non-member rate. One guest per visit. (Must accompany member and  share the lane).
- Immediate family member at no charge (Must accompany member and share the lane).
- Personal training discounts.

Standard Membership: $150

- No range fees for 1 year from the time you enroll.
- Receive 5% discount on purchases of ammunition and selected range products.

Spouse Member Card: $50

- Gold and Standard membership holders may purchase an additional membership card for a spouse.
- Lifetime Member Family Cards are renewable annually.
- Must be at least 18 years of age, living in the same house as membership holder.

Child Member Card: $30

- Child must be 17 or under and accompanied by member at ALL times.
- Child MUST live in the same home as the parent.

Walk-in Rate (Maximum 4 hours per visit)

- Non-member rate is $20 per visit for the pistol range.
- Non-member rate is $30 per hour for the rifle range.
- Shared lane is $14.75 for the second person.
- Law Enforcement/Firemen/EMS/Active Military rates are $15 per visit. Valid work ID card required.

Gun Rentals

- Hand gun rentals are available for $11 per gun.
- Machine gun rentals are available to qualified persons at the rate of $25 per gun for standard machine guns
- Suppressed and other weapons are available to qualified persons at the rate of $50 per gun.
- Our ammunition MUST be used in ALL rentals guns and renters will be accompanied by a sales associate at ALL times.

Other Rules

- Any NFA items must be declared to store employees upon arrival so that all paperwork can be verified.
- NO spectators allowed on the range at any time.
- NO alcohol, food, or drink products are allowed on the range.
- NO aluminum cased, steel cored, tracer, or incendiary rounds allowed.
- We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time, as well as inspect all items entering the range.
- Memberships are for personal use only. They are not to be used for business or instructional use.
- The rules posted at the facility apply at all times, to all members.
- No carelessness, ignorance, or unsafe activities will be tolerated.

Barney's Police Supplies

Range Hours

*The range stops taking new shooters 30 minutes before range closing time*

Monday - Saturday: 9AM - 8PM

Sunday: Noon - 6PM

Barney's Police Supplies 20th Anniversary