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Avon C50 Protective Mask - Medium - Twin Air Port | 70501-188

Item # 70501-188


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Avon C50 Protective Mask - Medium - Twin Air Port - Model: 70501-188

 The Avon C50 protective mask is  based on the U.S. M50/ JSGPM (Joint  Services General Purpose Mask) and  sharing key technologies, provides  maximum operational flexibility to  counter multiple threat scenarios,  including chemical, biological,  nuclear and radiological (CBRN)  agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals  (TICs), and Toxic Industrial Materials  (TIMs). The C50 offers high protection, outstanding field of vision and superior comfort. The innovative design features optimize the user’s time in the operational area.   


Visor Features and Technology:

-Polyurethane visor is highly flexible plus scratch and impact resistantand will not yellow over time.

-Optically correct across the whole field of view.

-Panoramic visor design gives excellent field of vision and wearer recognition while enhancing compatibility with weapon sights. 

-Unique Visor Technology Air Flow Management 

-The Vision Correction Systemallows prescription lenses to bemounted inside the mask.   

-Clear outserts for extremeenvironments.  

-Sunlight outserts for high intensity light situations.   

-BlueBlocker outsert deliverssharper images by filtering out  specific light wavelengths.  


Airflow Management:

-Heat build up minimized.

-Low inhalation resistance.

-Excellent de-mist properties.

-Common valves for simplicity  and lower through-life cost.


User Benefits:

-The unique chlorobutyl/silicone blend face piecematerial ensures the mask isnot only high in protectionbut also provides a betterseal and is more comfortableto wear for extended periods.

-Compatibility with helmets, CBRN protective clothing and NFPA Class 3 Suits due to the low profile, close contour brow, flat buckles  and extended chin flap.   

-Quick donning due to thepre-adjusted buckles.   

-3 sizes providing secure and comfortable fit for all facial shapes and sizes.



-High flow fail safe drinking device allows connection to either a canteen or bladder type hydration system.



-Front mounted exhalevalve allows clear direct  communication. 

-For enhanced communication,an optional Voice ProjectionUnit (VPU) with internalmicrophone is easilyconnected via the ElectronicCommunication Port (ECP)   

-Additional externalcommunication systems canbe attached via this ECP using available leads.



-Filter canisters are sidemounted on either leftor right side minimizinginterference and allowingimproved capability for shoulder mounted devices. 

-Standard STANAG roundthread 40 x 1/7 mm.   

-Allows for PAPR devices forimproved protection    .



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