Concealed Handgun Course Information


To sign up for classes call our main store: 1.337.896.3667


  1. The cost of the course (including all materials/handouts) is $125.00. Re-certifications are $75.00. If you require a notary service, an independent notary will be on site for the class. His fees are $20.00 (cash or personal check ONLY).

    The fee for the State Permit itself is:
    - Ages 21-64 - $125.00
    - Ages 65+ - $62.50
    - Active duty or assigned duty reserve - $62.50
    - Honorably discharged/retired military veteran - No State Fees
    There is now a lifetime permit available:
    - Ages 21-64 - $500.00
    - Ages 65+ = $250.00
    - Lifetime Permit for Active duty or assigned duty reserve - $250.00
    - Lifetime Permit for Honorably discharged/retired military veteran - No State Fees

    If you choose to sign up in advance, please leave your full name and contact phone number. You will be called within three days prior to the class; if we do not receive a confirmation, your spot will be filled from the waiting list.
  2. The course will last approximately 8-9 hours; this is mandated by the State. Re-certifications take approximately 3-4 hours. The building will open at 8:30am on the day of the course.
  3. You will receive a Certificate of Training, signed and numbered by a State-licensed instructor upon the successful completion of the course. The State will use your driver’s license photo (on computer file). There is no longer a need to obtain a photograph. All other information pertaining to the application process will be covered in class.
  4. If you own a good, serviceable handgun, bring it with you the day of the course. Bring any other necessary equipment (ammo, speed loaders, magazines, etc.). You will need at least 36 rounds of ammo for the qualification course.
  5. If you do not own a handgun, you may borrow one from a friend or relative, or rent one from Barney’s Police Supplies for $11.00 + tax and ammo (if needed).
  6. The mandatory qualification course will require you to shoot a B-27 target at distances of six (6), ten (10), and fifteen (15) feet. It is not difficult to accomplish.
  7. You are not required to take notes and there is no written exam. We will provide all classroom materials needed, and you make notes as you see necessary. All course handouts are yours to keep.


Any additional questions should be directed to our instructors.

Barry Carrier – (337) 351-9186

Mark LeBlanc – (337) 896-3667